[DWJ] Impress of first book? (was Homeward Bounders)

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I came to Jones as an adult reader. The first book I read was *Archer's Goon
*, and I fell in love with the surprising twists she built into that
book. It's still the one I suggest reading first to people, though I
introduce my students to *Howl's Moving Castle *because it can fit in with a
fairytale course syllabus. (Sadly, I rarely find a student who already knows
Jones, though I have, on occasion..

**Then I found *Fire and Hemlock*, which happened to coincide with my
academic work at that time (working on retellings of the Tam Lin ballad), so
it was the first DWJ book I really grappled with analytically, as opposed to
simply reading for enjoyment. (Some of you may say that you don't divide
your reading in such a way, but then, I'm an academic, and besides, I do
think that some of her books lend themselves to simply enjoying the ride,
while others, such as *Hexwood,* almost beg for deconstructing to figure out
just what she was trying to say.)

But I have to admit, I don't really care for the Dalemark Quartet--and
couldn't even finish *Drowned Ammet,* much to my chagrin. And, I've found I
don't really get into her short stories, either. DWJ was best at the long
haul, where she could indulge her complex sense of fun and surprise.


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> In responses to A. M. Winslow's post below, I have been wondering if the
> first DWJ one reads influences one ever after.  My first was Tale of Time
> City, which I still love. There are probably books I love as much or even
> more--Howl's Moving Castle, The Lives of Christopher Chant--but in my mind I
> always have DWJ's books lined up after that first one.
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> The Homeward Bounders was actually the first of DWJ's books that I read.  I
> was about twelve at the time, and writing a (horrifically bad) novel about a
> character who traveled to different parallel worlds (I was fairly obsessed
> with quantum physics at the time, a phase which quickly left me).  I was
> also a very lonely person.  My sister had recommended a DWJ book -- Charmed
> Life, I think -- but the only one I could find at the bookstore was the
> Homeward Bounders.  I bought it -- and absolutely devoured it.  It was, in
> my opinion, the perfect book -- exactly the book I wanted to have written in
> place of my horrific one, if only I had the skill.  There's something in
> that book which has always touched me on a level none of the others have; I
> felt like I had a personal connection to the protagonist -- which is
> depressing, I guess -- or would be, except that I'm not longer either twelve
> or desperately lonely.
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