[DWJ] Impress of first book? (was Homeward Bounders)

Ehsan Roudiani es at historicalfact.com
Thu Apr 14 03:09:08 EDT 2011

F&H is the one I'm in love with too - I read it when I was much too  
young to have much of a clue about what it was about! My big sister  
had F&H, Charmed Life, The Lives of Christopher Chant, Archer's Goon  
and The Ogre Downstairs, they were my collective introduction to DWJ.  
I read Dogsbody as well but didn't enjoy it - aged about 7, it was too  
sad for me!

I probably read F&H about 4 times a year, and it's still my favourite  
book by any author. I know it off by heart and have never gotten sick  
of it.  I don't tend to reread Ogre or Archer a lot, but I do go  
through the Chrestomanci ones on a reasonably regular basis.


On 13 Apr 2011, at 18:53, slwones at gmail.com wrote:

> I read Dogsbody at 10 and liked it a lot, but didn't then go pursue  
> every
> DWJ book ever written. I remember it mostly because my father picked  
> it up
> one night, read it all the way through, and then talked to me about  
> it for
> the next few days. I was impressed that one of MY books had hooked a
> grown-up.
> I tend to think of Fire & Hemlock as my first DWJ since that is the  
> one I
> fell completely in love with and that led me to obsessively chasing  
> down all
> of her other books. F & H is still definitely my favorite. Then I  
> have about
> five second favorites.
> Suzanne

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