[DWJ] Impress of first book? (was Homeward Bounders)

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Wed Apr 13 13:42:11 EDT 2011


> In responses to A. M. Winslow's post below, I have been wondering if
> the first DWJ one reads influences one ever after.  My first was Tale
> of Time City, which I still love. There are probably books I love as
> much or even more--Howl's Moving Castle, The Lives of Christopher
> Chant--but in my mind I always have DWJ's books lined up after that
> first one.

Like Sally, I started with Dogsbody, when I was about 8, I think.  By
the time I was 10, Power of Three was my favourite [*], and it remained 
in the top slot until I read Sudden Wild Magic.  I'm not sure what my
favourite is now; those two are definite contenders, as is Year of the


[*] at that age, I took an entrance exam for a private school.  There 
were all sorts of things they asked us, and tests they set; I 
particularly remember being asked my favourite book.  I cited Po3, but 
misspelt "Wynne" when writing the author's name.

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