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Kyla Mackay-Smith kyla at keyfitz.org
Sun Apr 10 15:24:12 EDT 2011

On Sun, 10 Apr 2011, Deborah Meghnagi Bailey wrote:

> Homeward Bounders is one of the most desperately sad books I have ever 
> read. It was one of the books I read as a child, remembered it as 
> awfully sad, and resisted reading it again for the longest time. Then, 
> when all the DWJ books started coming back into print I decided I should 
> have it for the sake of completion, and thought maybe I was 
> over-remembering the sadness... but then I read it again, and it was 
> just as heartbreaking as I remembered. It's truly a book I find 
> difficult to contemplate re-reading, for that reason.

I avoided Homeward Bounders for years because my mom told me the ending 
was just so sad. Then my sister finally told me she didn't think it was so 
sad, and I read it. And I love it. I think the sadness comes near the end, 
but not at the actual end. And it's poignant, and kind of desperately 
lonely but beautiful. (There are definitely books that I won't reread. 
Connie Willis's Doomsday Book is one--I find that one depressing, not just 

I would definitely recommend it as a first DWJ book for roleplayers and 
strategy gamers.

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