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Homeward Bounders is one of the most desperately sad books I have ever read. It was one of the books I read as a child, remembered it as awfully sad, and resisted reading it again for the longest time. Then, when all the DWJ books started coming back into print I decided I should have it for the sake of completion, and thought maybe I was over-remembering the sadness... but then I read it again, and it was just as heartbreaking as I remembered. It's truly a book I find difficult to contemplate re-reading, for that reason. 

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Ooh, sympathies on the Homeward Bounders spoilers.  I'd say that is
one definitely worth breaking your serendipity system to acquire.  Ask
your library to borrow a copy from another library or go online for a
copy. It is not to be missed!


On Saturday, April 9, 2011, Ellen Willcox <eawil3 at email.wm.edu> wrote:
> Just got done listening to this, and it is delightful!  I'm a bit sad to
> have the ending of The Homeward Bounders given away, but I guess it's my
> fault for not having read it yet.  (I've never yet come across that book
> here, but in the age of the Internet, I suppose that's not much of an
> excuse.  I've seen lists of all DWJ's books but, with a few exceptions, I've
> avoided ordering them online because it's so magical to discover one I
> haven't read in a bookstore or library.  I guess this is the drawback of my
> system.)  Luckily, the same qualities that make her books re-read so
> wonderfully make knowing the ending ahead of time a lot less of a problem.
> I liked the point about how DWJ seems to have more male fans than do many
> authors who write for children.  One of her biggest fans (besides me) in my
> undergraduate college's Science Fiction and Fantasy Club was a guy - I found
> out when he was heading up a club trivia contest and one of the questions
> was, "At the start of Archer's Goon, the Sykes family is in trouble because
> Quentin Sykes owes Archer two thousand of these."  The other team got first
> crack at the question; meanwhile, my team was struggling to keep me under
> control as I bounced frantically around going, "I KNOW it, I KNOW it!"  (The
> question did come to us, and I did get it, which is good, because otherwise
> I might have burst a blood vessel.)
> And now I will have to get hold of your book for sure, although I don't
> think I can actually read it through until I've finished all of DWJ's books!
> - Nic
> On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 5:20 PM, Farah Mendlesohn <farah.sf at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Courtesy of Coode Street, Tansy Rayner Roberts and myself explain to
>> Gary K Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan why they need to read DWJ right now.
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