[DWJ] Pod cast on DWJ

Charlie Butler charles.hannibal at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 10:40:38 EDT 2011

A very interesting podcast, Farah! (And you'll be pleased to know that DWJ's
essay on Tolkien *is* going to be republished in the David Fickling volume
out next year.)

Taking a cue from the very last part of the conversation, and remembering
the "Which DWJ character are you?" quiz from a few years ago, I think it
would be interesting to put together a "Which DWJ should I start with?"
quiz, using flow-chart questions to slide newbies toward the best starting
point for them. For example: "Do you read more SF or fantasy?" "Rowling or
Gaiman?" "Is one world enough for you?" "Do you prefer your endings
bittersweet or happy?" And so on.

What else ought to be on that list?


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