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That was fascinating, Farah, thank you! I now feel the urgent need to reread
the beginning four paragraphs of the Magicians of Caprona, and to reread
Hexwood (one of my favourites) to analyze its grammar!

You mentioned two authors who you think are doing some of the things that
DWJ did... Frances Harding (sp?) and Katherine someone? Could you tell me a)
the full names of those authors and b) books of theirs you would recommend
as first reads?


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Courtesy of Coode Street, Tansy Rayner Roberts and myself explain to
Gary K Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan why they need to read DWJ right now.

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The Coode St Podcast No. 46 with @garykwolfe, @tansyrr, & @effjayem
discussing Diana Wynne Jones is now live!  http://bit.ly/gPOxpY

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