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Just got done listening to this, and it is delightful!  I'm a bit sad to
have the ending of The Homeward Bounders given away, but I guess it's my
fault for not having read it yet.  (I've never yet come across that book
here, but in the age of the Internet, I suppose that's not much of an
excuse.  I've seen lists of all DWJ's books but, with a few exceptions, I've
avoided ordering them online because it's so magical to discover one I
haven't read in a bookstore or library.  I guess this is the drawback of my
system.)  Luckily, the same qualities that make her books re-read so
wonderfully make knowing the ending ahead of time a lot less of a problem.

I liked the point about how DWJ seems to have more male fans than do many
authors who write for children.  One of her biggest fans (besides me) in my
undergraduate college's Science Fiction and Fantasy Club was a guy - I found
out when he was heading up a club trivia contest and one of the questions
was, "At the start of Archer's Goon, the Sykes family is in trouble because
Quentin Sykes owes Archer two thousand of these."  The other team got first
crack at the question; meanwhile, my team was struggling to keep me under
control as I bounced frantically around going, "I KNOW it, I KNOW it!"  (The
question did come to us, and I did get it, which is good, because otherwise
I might have burst a blood vessel.)

And now I will have to get hold of your book for sure, although I don't
think I can actually read it through until I've finished all of DWJ's books!

- Nic

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> Courtesy of Coode Street, Tansy Rayner Roberts and myself explain to
> Gary K Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan why they need to read DWJ right now.
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