[DWJ] Diana honoured in the April Showers challenge on the Archive of Our Own

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Hi there,

Just wanted to share that I asked DWJ what she thought about fanfiction in a
letter I wrote her in 2008.  I was even gutsy enough to put in one of my
Howl's Moving Castle fanfics; it was an embarrassing thing to do,
considering the fact that it was *DWJ*, but at that time I was just thinking
that if *I* was a writer, I would love to read some fanfic from a fan (if it
was appropriate, of course).  She replied a few months later with a
beautiful letter which included these encouraging words:

"Some writers have begun that way, Robert Holdstock for one.  My feeling
about fan writing is that once a book is published it is in the public
domain and is there for people to treat it as they want.  If they want to
base their writing on the characters in it, then they should.  It is not for
me to object.  I hope this answers your question."

So I think fic writers have her blessing somehow.  I look forward to reading
others DWJ fics too!  I've always thought her fandoms needed more fanwork
love.  :)


On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 7:19 AM, Lucy Pearson
<lucy.r.pearson at googlemail.com>wrote:

> Hello all,
> The fan site the Archive of Our Own is running a challenge this month to
> get
> people to upload older fanworks to the site so they are not lost in the
> shifting sands of the internet. They (well, we, since i am a member of the
> team) are highlighting Diana's fandom today in honour of her memory. You
> can
> see the tweet about her at
> http://twitter.com/#!/ao3org/status/55270678315806721 and more information
> about the April Showers challenge at
> http://archiveofourown.org/admin_posts/126.
> I'm not sure how Diana felt about fanfiction, but I know she had good
> relationships with fans generally, and I like to think she would take this
> in the spirit in which is was intended. I suspect some of the people on
> this
> list may have tried their hands at DWJ fanfiction once or twice, so if you
> have any lying about now is a great time to archive it.
> If anyone wants or needs an Archive invitation drop me a line, I have a few
> hanging about.
> Best,
> Lucy
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