[DWJ] Diana honoured in the April Showers challenge on the Archive of Our Own

Lucy Pearson lucy.r.pearson at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 5 10:19:37 EDT 2011

Hello all,

The fan site the Archive of Our Own is running a challenge this month to get
people to upload older fanworks to the site so they are not lost in the
shifting sands of the internet. They (well, we, since i am a member of the
team) are highlighting Diana's fandom today in honour of her memory. You can
see the tweet about her at
http://twitter.com/#!/ao3org/status/55270678315806721 and more information
about the April Showers challenge at

I'm not sure how Diana felt about fanfiction, but I know she had good
relationships with fans generally, and I like to think she would take this
in the spirit in which is was intended. I suspect some of the people on this
list may have tried their hands at DWJ fanfiction once or twice, so if you
have any lying about now is a great time to archive it.

If anyone wants or needs an Archive invitation drop me a line, I have a few
hanging about.



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