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Mon Apr 4 14:54:35 EDT 2011

Elizabeth Bentley <ebentleysln at googlemail.com> wrote:

> I went to the site of the hospice that cared for Diana and they have
> different ways of commemorating people. There are tribute funds, in
> memory of a particular person, and they have a "light a candle
> for ..." which may be more aimed at anniversaries. You can also make
> a donation in lieu of flowers.
> The first seemed a really good way for the many fans around the world
> to express their appreciation, both for Diana herself and for the
> hospice that cared for her, as I understand donations to the hospice
> have been asked for.
> I know that this is a difficult time for those who knew her
> personally. I am very willing to start the ball rolling and order the
> pack to set this up. But I don't want to tread on any toes!

Elizabeth, that seems like a very good idea indeed.  I can't think of
any reason why you shouldn't do it.

Maybe you could send email to Ansible to tell him what you are doing,
so that he could put that onto the Ansible site in case people from
there wanted to join in once they knew that something was being done?

I am sure that St Peter's would be happy with any help they get, and I
am sure that it could not be going to a better place.

That hospice *is* a very good place, in many senses of the word "good":
they really do care about the people who have come to them for help.
The garden is peaceful and beautiful, the rooms are full of air and
light and warmth, and the people who work there are genuinely kind, and
don't ever seem to bully their patients in the way that alas too many
hospital workers do, probably unintentionally and because they don't
have time to take more trouble and have more patience.

When I was visiting Diana there a few days after she first came in, I
arrived when she was having her supper; not only was there a little
posy of flowers in a vase sitting on the tray, she had been given a
small glass of what she told me gleefully was "really rather good
sherry" by a lady who came round just before the meal to see whether
she would like a little drink for an aperitif.

I think they thoroughly deserve support, for treating people in
extremis as still people, not just "the patient".


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