[DWJ] ordering the DWJ special issue in the US

Charlotte Taylor ccwtaylor at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 10:09:15 EDT 2011

I just placed an order for the special DWJ issue, and thought I'd
share how to do it.

That issue is available for purchase for $7.50 USD, plus shipping and
handling depending on your location ($3 USA, $5 Mexico/Canada, $10 all
other destinations).   Payment goes to Bill Clemente (info below)-- a
check made out to JFA, or other arrangements.  Then email Tiffany at
jfaeditor at gmail.com with your mailing address, and she will ship the
issue to you once Bill has confirmed your payment.

Bill Clemente
Department of English
 Peru State College
 Peru, NE  68421-0010  USA
(920) 229-5954
bclemente at mac.com



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