[DWJ] Being Talked Up To

Ehsan Roudiani es at historicalfact.com
Fri Apr 1 03:17:26 EDT 2011

I remember finding that out as well - I took Ancient Greek at school,  
and once I got the hang of the alphabet it was the first thing I did.  
I'd been taking Latin for longer, so knew from having worked the Latin  
bits out that it must be *something*.


On 1 Apr 2011, at 00:11, Gin wrote:

> I remember reading " The Ogre Downstairs" for the first time, and  
> giving it
> to my brother ( 7 years older and in university) to read as well.  
> With the
> help of his schoolboy Latin we dredged our memories for days to work  
> out all
> the references. Even then, neither of us realised that the "Greek"   
> in that
> book was actually transliterated Northern accented English. I can  
> still
> remember that feeling of discovering things and the joy it gave me.  
> I can
> remember puzzling out  with my brother that " Dens Drac' was dragons  
> teeth,
> and wasn't there a myth about sowing teeth in the ground and coming up
> warriors? And of course " Petr Philo" and all the others. Like  
> Eleanor, that
> feeling has stayed with me forever and was a factor in choosing to  
> majoring
> in Latin and English at University. So you could say that DWJ's "  
> talking
> up" made me want to go find out more, and learn more.
> Gin

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