[DWJ] Buying Books

Deborah Meghnagi Bailey deborah at brightweavings.com
Fri Apr 1 02:22:30 EDT 2011

I keep doing searches on DWJ to see if there have been things posted on the
web that I hadn't seen yet. One link took me to abebooks, to signed copies
of her books.

I hummed and I hawed... and then I spent $50 on a signed hardback almost
first edition of Witch Week (it's a hardback reprint of the first edition).
I'm pretty sure it's the same edition I 'stole' from my school library as a
kid, and eventually gave back, which I think really is the reason I bought
it, more to have that copy back, than anything else. And wanting something
symbolic of my attachment to her work - it was the first book of hers that I

There's a signed galley proof of Fire and Hemlock going for $400!!


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