[DWJ] On a completely different topic, Winnie the Pooh in Lima Peru

jstallcup jstallcup at juno.com
Thu Oct 14 18:01:09 EDT 2010

very interesting!  

I wonder if that is the source for the early web source that we found?

And here's something funny--looking through googlebooks, it also pops up
in the weekly world news!  now i really believe it must be true!  

(now, more than ever, is the need for a sarcasm/irony font felt!)

Thanks for all your help, everyone!


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> > Is there, or is there not, a statue of Winnie the Pooh in Lima 
> Peru?
> > Mention of such a status is all over the internet, but I can't 
> find a
> > single image of it or any reference to it that suggests someone 
> has
> > actually seen it.
> Google Books has a trivia book from 1979 that mentions this "fact" 
> (which I 
> too am inclined to doubt). David Louis (pseudonym for David 
> Carroll), _More 
> Fascinating Facts_, Ridge Press/Random House, 1979, p. 108.
> I'm told [note: this thing I was told could itself be in error!!!] 
> that lots 
> of reference books have at least one deliberate error in order to 
> track 
> plagiarism ("interesting fact" books are frequently plagiarized to 
> some 
> extent -- people almost never go to the trouble of finding out large 
> quantities of interesting facts for themselves, but copy other 
> people's 
> lists). Or maybe the author thought what the hell, I'll just make 
> something 
> up and see if people believe it. I can see it would be a great 
> temptation. 
> Mrs. Gaskell's elephant, and all that (there was a foofaraw some 
> years back 
> on the Victoria listserv when some lighthearted people, beginning 
> with the 
> author Michel Faber, started kidding each other about Mrs. Gaskell 
> having 
> had a pet elephant -- which, let me be completely clear, was an 
> utter 
> invention of that moment -- and others took them literally and were 
> rather 
> annoyed to find they had inadvertantly been gulled).
> Helen Schinske 
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