[DWJ] On a completely different topic, Winnie the Pooh in Lima Peru

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Thu Oct 14 15:23:56 EDT 2010

yep, we found that winnie--there's an interesting statue for that one in
Winnipeg (which I seem to have entirely missed when I was there for
ChLA!).  We came up with that one in class and felt very skeptical about
it, too--would the army (or was it the navy) really allow a regiment to
take a bear with them to London as a mascot?  it just seems SO unlikely! 
But we didn't have a chance to pursue it.  


On Thu, 14 Oct 2010 06:12:37 -0500 Jameela Lares <Jameela.Lares at usm.edu>
> It sounds like a hoax.  One of the posts turned up in googling--as 
> you surely know, Jackie--is that 
> the bear is a a spectacled endangered species from the Peruvian 
> jungle, which is of course bosh, 
> since the original Winnie was a bear from Canada in the early 
> twentieth century.
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> Lima Peru
> This is not a dwj question, but something that has been bugging me 
> for
> several years now, and I'm hoping that someone here will have been 
> to
> Lima (or perhaps even lives in Lima?) and can tell me.
> Is there, or is there not, a statue of Winnie the Pooh in Lima 
> Peru?
> Mention of such a status is all over the internet, but I can't find 
> a
> single image of it or any reference to it that suggests someone has
> actually seen it.  it seems to be an internet ghost:  something that 
> has
> been repeated over and over without verification.  It's a topic that 
> I
> assign for a kind of "scavenger hunt" assignment in the graduate
> bibliography course that I teach, and no one has yet been able to 
> solve
> this.  (By solving it, I mean finding concrete confirmation that it
> exists).  One student tracked the statement to its apparent source 
> in a
> document from around 1997 or 1998, but other than that... nothing.
> I suppose I could call the Lima tourist bureau... come to think of 
> it,
> maybe I will.
> And yes, I realize that it would make perfect sense to have a statue 
> of
> ton Bear in Lima Peru, but no one has been able to turn up one of
> those either.
> ObDWJ?  Can't think of one.  err....  I suppose it is possible that 
> this
> is a bit of information that has slipped into World 12 (aren't we 
> world
> 12?) from World 11?  That would explain why I can't actually find 
> an
> image of it...
> Jackie
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