[DWJ] On a completely different topic, Winnie the Pooh in Lima Peru

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> Is there, or is there not, a statue of Winnie the Pooh in Lima Peru?
> Mention of such a status is all over the internet, but I can't find a
> single image of it or any reference to it that suggests someone has
> actually seen it.

Google Books has a trivia book from 1979 that mentions this "fact" (which I 
too am inclined to doubt). David Louis (pseudonym for David Carroll), _More 
Fascinating Facts_, Ridge Press/Random House, 1979, p. 108.

I'm told [note: this thing I was told could itself be in error!!!] that lots 
of reference books have at least one deliberate error in order to track 
plagiarism ("interesting fact" books are frequently plagiarized to some 
extent -- people almost never go to the trouble of finding out large 
quantities of interesting facts for themselves, but copy other people's 
lists). Or maybe the author thought what the hell, I'll just make something 
up and see if people believe it. I can see it would be a great temptation. 
Mrs. Gaskell's elephant, and all that (there was a foofaraw some years back 
on the Victoria listserv when some lighthearted people, beginning with the 
author Michel Faber, started kidding each other about Mrs. Gaskell having 
had a pet elephant -- which, let me be completely clear, was an utter 
invention of that moment -- and others took them literally and were rather 
annoyed to find they had inadvertantly been gulled).

Helen Schinske 

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