[DWJ] DWJ sighting - okay, it's from 2005

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Wed Oct 13 20:04:21 EDT 2010

What a great article--I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!  It was
interesting to see how "favorite character" was defined differently for
different folks:  someone they admired, someone they liked, someone they
pitied, someone they identified with...

Of course the next obvious question is:  who is your favorite dwj
character?  (or we could also do favorite character period).  

For me, currently:  

Favorite DWJ character(s):  Elda in Year of the Griffin and Awful in
Archer's Goon.

Favorite character:  Thursday Next (jasper fford).  She's so fun and
feisty and smart.

hmm.  I think I see a pattern here...

Oh, we could also do (thinking here of the Bookworld Awards in The Well
of Lost Plots):  most tiresome character.  I vote for Pamela, from
Richardson's book of the same name.  I'm teaching it on Friday and am
kicking myself for assigning it.  ARGH!  well, i think it will be fun to
talk about, but boy, I really want to smack her one in the chops.

Back to reading and grading...

On Wed, 13 Oct 2010 05:43:31 -0700 (PDT) <estairm at yahoo.com> writes:
> from March 2005 - a list of 100 favorite fictional characters
> Emma 
> Chosen by Diana Wynne Jones (Conrad's Fate)
> Jane Austen's Emma is so very human. She is always plunging into 
> such 
> embarrassing mistakes - and yet they're the mistakes one longs to 
> make oneself, 
> like telling the tediously garrulous Miss Bates to shut up. And, 
> bless her, she 
> is truly ashamed when she does, because she is actually very nice. 
> Nicer than I 
> am by a long way.
> Esther here.  I don't remember if anybody posted this at the 
> time....
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