[DWJ] Probably Old News . . .

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Oct 4 10:50:51 EDT 2010

Judith Ridge wrote:
> PS Was Diana serious about the notes on her door?!

If she didn't put that sticker there, then yes, she is.  It didn't occur 
to me to ask when I saw it, and she hasn't mentioned it.

And yes, at least two of her secondary cancers seem to have shrivelled 
away: those were skin ones, and visible, and are not there any more.  
Possibly another two internal ones are gone as well because she can no 
longer feel them, which she could before.  There might be more going, 
but I am not not not going to hatchet any counts before they chicken.  
(That is why I haven't been saying anything at all about this.)  There 
were eleven; even one left is one too many as far as I am concerned.


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