[DWJ] Probably Old News . . .

Deborah Meghnagi Bailey deborah at brightweavings.com
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I hadn't read that! Thanks so much for reposting it, it makes me so happy
too! Wonderful news!!

Do you think it has anything to do with mysterious powers of the universe
aligning? Ever since I heard that DWJ was stopping chemo and seriously ill I
have been making my way through a re-read of all her books - and I have also
started my husband on them (so far he's read Archer's Goon, Deep Secret, and
has just started Fire and Hemlock). I feel like we should spread the word
and get as many people to read DWJ books as possible and somehow it will
help her stay well!!

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. . . to most of you, but just in case anyone hasn't seen it:


This made me so happy!  Hope it continues!

- Nic

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