[DWJ] Fire and Hemlock

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Mon Nov 22 13:29:55 EST 2010

Beck wrote:  

Time to stop lurking! With some trepidation - it's one of my all-time top-ten 
favourite books in the whole world ever - I have finally suggested Fire and 
Hemlock to my lovely local book group as our November book. We'll be discussing 
it this Thursday. Eep! I wondered if you chaps might have some good ideas for 
questions to stimulate discussion. 

I'll post up notes from our discussion, if you're interested. 

I can't think of any questions (unless it might be, Isn't the line -- The 
undying Laurel is awake -- one of the scariest things you've ever read?) but I'd 
love to read notes from the discussion.  Please post 'em.


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