[DWJ] Fire and Hemlock

Beck Laxton becklaxton at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 22 12:40:17 EST 2010

Time to stop lurking! With some trepidation - it's one of my all-time top-ten 
favourite books in the whole world ever - I have finally suggested Fire and 
Hemlock to my lovely local book group as our November book. We'll be discussing 
it this Thursday. Eep! I wondered if you chaps might have some good ideas for 
questions to stimulate discussion. 

I know from talking to a couple of people that they're struggling with the 
ending, and I know that someone on the Girlsown list had written a really good 
essay explaining it, which it would be good to share. It's take me three days, 
but I think I've remembered that it was Dorian - are you still on this list, 
Dorian? (I knew it was you, but couldn't think of your name, and have been 
circling Damien/Darren/Donal for several days.) Was it you and can I find a copy 

I'll post up notes from our discussion, if you're interested. It's a very 
interesting group with a range of ages and plenty of men, and we read 
non-fiction and classics, not just the standard book group fodder. But they all 
have strong opinions so I hope nobody's going to make me cry. It's a good choice 
for November, though, isn't it? Perfect for All Souls.... Nobody will have read 
any DWJ before, so I'm hoping to make a few converts. One member seemed terribly 
worried that it was originally published for teens, and said he was expecting 
the relationship between Polly and Tom to turn nasty so that the whole book 
would be a Terrible Warning not to dally with older men. I found this rather 

Very best, Beck in Sawston


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