[DWJ] Flower fund

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu May 20 09:11:47 EDT 2010

Charlie Butler wrote:
> Good point! But yes, if Minnow is prepared to act as sifter-in-chief, I'm
> sure we can still come up with some goodies.

If it were in my hands, what I would do would be to ask Diana what she
had and had not read, and what she did and did not already own!  It is
just so much simpler than trying to be secret-surprisish, on the whole.

After all, if there is a long list and she doesn't know which *one* she
may get sent, that is a fair surprise in itself.

In any case, I am now living more than a hundred miles away and because
of my heart doing its best to stop working at distressingly-frequent
intervals I am not supposed to drive, so I can only see Diana if someone
gives me a lift there for the day.  I can't ask her tactfully in a way
that would mean she wouldn't know what was going on, nor go through her
bookshelves checking for titles.

I would be perfectly happy to ask her, if Charlie doesn't feel that he
can, or to send to the Dave who is living in the house a list of books
that have been suggested so that he can put it in front of her and get
it ticked for ones she already knows or has, if that would be a help.

Minnow (who is in a filthy mood because of spending yesterday and today
wrestling with doctors who have now found a blood-clot in my heart,
which if they had done *any tests at all* since the heart-attack in
*January* they might even have noticed a bit earlier and before it had
had time to wreak quite as much havoc as it clearly has done with my
entire system...)

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