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Good idea Kylie, Flora Segunda. I was going to suggest The Eyre Affair and
its successors, if she hasn't already read them.
And on a slightly different track what about Gunnerkrigg Court? It is a
graphic novel, with each page published on the net (only three times/week).
Books one and two are available as books, though.

Somehow the school story and magic of GC and the mythological backgrounds of
Gillitie Wood and the Court seem like the sort of thing Diana may like.

And I would love to see Tom Siddel, who writes and draws GC, illustrating
Flora Segunda. They are linked in my mind, if nowhere else.

On 20/05/10 7:04 PM, "Kylie Ding" <kylie_ding at hotmail.com> wrote:

> OOO!  The Flora Segunda books.  I think I got them as a recommendation from
> the list and I loved them.
> Kylie
>> one's improvement in view in [your] choice!" In happier times, "What
>> books
>> would you like to recommend to DWJ?" might have been a good thread for
>> this
>> list. Now, let's do it for real.
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