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Thanks for the initiative, Charlie! 

I think your instincts are very good, with the picture and that.

The tough thing about recommending books for Diana is finding something she hasn't read, and how would we know? 

Listing some books here that remind me of DWJ's style, off the top of my head, not including obvious choices she's probably read like Garth Nix and Philip Reeve:

* If she hasn't read books by Frances Hardinge then she really should - all three of them: "Fly by Night", "Verdigris Deep" (aka "Well Witched") and "Gullstruck Island" (aka "The Lost Conspiracy"). Three very very different books, each brilliant in its own way.

* "Dragon Slippers" by Jessica Day George is a fun read, it has two sequels, almost as good. I found the sense of humor to be DWJ-ish, I think she would like the dragons in these books. 

* "Transformation" by Carol Berg is gripping, and the way she writes about slavery reminded me a bit of "Hexwood" etc.

* "White Cat" by Holly Black is new and interesting, the world reminded me a bit of "Witch Week" and it had a very DWJish theme of characters not quite knowing themselves.

* "Anubis Gates" by Tim Powers, convoluted time travel in historical London with magic thrown in, too clever by half.

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Lifelode by jo walton! A wonderful book.

And well done all and espcially Charlie.


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On 20 May 2010, at 11:52, Charlie Butler <charles.hannibal at gmail.com>  

> This list is amazing! There is now more than £250 in the flowers fun 
> d,
> enough for many successive bouquets and then some. I took the  
> liberty of
> buying a picture for Diana with some of the remainder - a startling
> photograph of a nuthatch with a hazelnut in its beak, which I'm having
> mounted (you can see it here, but it doesn't do justice to the  
> poster-sized
> image I saw in the artist's studio this morning:
> http://markegertonimages.com/nuthatch/). For some reason this seemed  
> to me a
> very DWJ image.
> As for what else we might do, I know that Diana is always on the  
> look-out
> for fresh reading, especially when she's not up to writing herself,  
> so maybe
> we could arrange for Amazonian parcels to come through her door at
> intervals? For that, though, I need suggestions. So, amaze yourself  
> like
> Fanny Price at the prospect of being "a chuser of books! And...  
> having any
> one's improvement in view in [your] choice!" In happier times, "What  
> books
> would you like to recommend to DWJ?" might have been a good thread  
> for this
> list. Now, let's do it for real.
> I was going to visit her this morning, by the way, but when I spoke  
> on the
> phone yesterday she told me that she had come down with a very bad  
> cold, on
> top of everything else, so it is going to have to wait till next week.
> Charlie
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