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This is a good thought. Hallie had already hinted that I might end up with
more flowers than were viable, and this seems a good way around the dilemma,
should it materialize. (As it probably will: I've already had several


On 17 May 2010 15:40, Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:

> Charlie Butler wrote:
>> Farah's talked to me as promised, and I'm happy to take the flowers round.
>> It probably makes sense to send the money directly to me: my Paypal
>> account
>> is the same email address as I use for this list. Farah suggests 5/$7
>> apiece, which seems sensible, though if that's a problem, then any
>> contribution will of course be appreciated. I'll probably visit DWJ
>> towards
>> the end of the week, so if you could get the money (or at least notice
>> that
>> you'll be sending it) to me by end of Wednesday (BST!) that would be
>> great.
> That sounds like a very good idea indeed; bless you all for it, and
> attaFarah!  Diana does love to have flowers in her room, and she has been
> deprived of Spring this year by not really being able to go out into it
> much.
> Charlie, one tweek: it looks slightly as though if you spend all that
> people want to send, you might end up with a bunch so large Diana has no
> vases to contain it!
> Perhaps it might be possible to spread the effect, by buying a bunch of a
> good but not extreme size, and then either doing it again a couple of weeks
> later, or sliding the money that is left over into the hand of either her
> husband John or their lodger-and-carer Dave, and asking for more flowers to
> be got with it when the first lot start to fail?  Of the two of them I would
> suggest the Dave, since he can still walk to the nearest florist and John
> has difficulty getting up to the shops these days.
> Just a thought, and only if people don't mind.
> Cheers, and thanks to all.
> Minnow
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