[DWJ] Diana's health

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Sun May 16 05:12:26 EDT 2010

I'm sorry to hear this.  My dad died last year of lung issues, and this 
hits home.  I wish Diana the best, and I have fingers and toes all crossed.

Mark Allums

On 5/15/2010 6:47 AM, Minnow wrote:
> Diana has authorised me to pass on to the list what she was told on
> Wednesday
> As you all know by now she developed a secondary cancer from her
> original tumour seven years ago. Last year she had an operation to
> remove that, which had settled in her lung and was causing her great
> pain; this year she has been undergoing courses of chemotherapy for
> further secondaries that started to appear late last year after that one
> had been removed.
> This chemotherapy has had no apparent effect on the cancers, and has not
> prevented more from occuring, and she and her husband have now decided,
> after discussion with a senior oncologist at the Bristol Royal Infirmary
> and a consultation at the Royal Marsden, to discontinue treatment.
> The senior person in Bristol has opined that this means she has months
> rather than years of life left to her. Diana is determined that she can
> prove this opinion wrong.
> As a result of ceasing the chemo a couple of weeks ago she already feels
> a lot less ill, and is regaining her sense of smell and of taste. She is
> working on a book (about half-way through, she says) and has another
> lined up waiting when she finishes this one.
> Personally I am hoping that she may yet outlive me!
> All crossed fingers and so on would be very acceptable, says Diana.
> Minnow

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