[DWJ] The Thief and Howl

Elizabeth Bentley ebentleysln at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 24 17:43:28 EDT 2010

Just received Conspiracy of kings, and it is dedicated to DWJ:

"Thank you for the stories and the leg up."

Elizabeth Bentley BA MCLIP
Northbrook C of E School, London SE13 5HZ
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On 19 Mar 2010, at 02:13, Elizabeth Parks wrote:

> So I just finished re-reading Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief, since A
> Conspiracy of Kings is coming out soon and I love The Thief and The  
> King of
> Attolia but have not actually yet managed to read The Queen of  
> Attolia,
> because it made me sick when I started it years ago, and since I  
> don't get
> physically sick when I read about someone being physically sick as  
> often as
> I used to, I think I might be able to manage it now;
> but in any case, I read The Thief with "extras inside," and one  
> extra turned
> out to be a recommended reading list from the author, who mentions  
> Diana
> Wynne Jones several times, and in it she says that there is "a  
> direct quote
> from Howl's Moving Castle."
> And since my thoughts, not infrequently, also contain direct quotes  
> from
> Howl's Moving Castle, I'm rather annoyed that I didn't spot it, and  
> thought
> I would see if anyone else has done better and can pinpoint it. . ..
> :)
> lizzie
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