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Charlie, I'm with you on each and every well-deserved rant. 

 But I'd only begun to plumb the horrors of this travesty.  Each child had a one-note characterization.  The youngest boy was impertinent.  The older boy said 'dweeb' a lot.  ANthea had a conscience, which at least did come from the book, but the writers had a tin ear for the story and the characters.  The mother had forbidden the children to leave the house.  So Anthea's conscience forbade the children to leave the house to rescue Helga from the remote island, but did allow two out of three kids to leave to try to get rid of the Persian cats.

Ah well.


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I suppose there's a clue as to the pronunciation in her nickname, Panther.
But AnTHEEa seems to be the norm in some parts of the world, to judge by a
quick internet search.

But ugh! That film sounds pretty dire, and not least for going the way of
The Dark is Retching in making the children twenty-first century American
visitors to Britain. It's not only insulting to American children to assume
they're so self-centred that they can't possibly be interested in anyone who
isn't like themselves; but it totally eviscerates the point of having magic
intrude into one's familiar *home*. But this is a rant I've ranted before...


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