[DWJ] Too quiet and frivolous question

estairm at yahoo.com estairm at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 24 01:58:37 EDT 2010

It has been way too quiet on this list, so clearly it's time for a frivolous question.

How does one pronounce the name Anthea?  The name is used in two of my favorite books (ob DWJ - Archer's Goon is one of them, of course), and I've always heard it in my head as AnTHEEah.  

However, I have just watched a truly terrible video of The Phoenix and the Carpet (which they had to call The Phoenix and the Magic Carpet), and they pronounced the name ANtheeah.  

(How terrible was this movie?  Well, the THREE children were AMERICANS visiting England in CURRENT times.  The book cook who was left on the island turned into a body-building German au-pair named Helga.  The children said Jawohl to her several times to point out how horribly bossy she was.  The Phoenix was a stupid doll.  A dinosaur-looking thing, supposedly an ancient Egyptian god, shot lightning bolts from its eyes.  A dead grandfather comes and waves to the kids for no apparent reason at the end.  I could talk about the acting or how they showed the Phoenix or the Carpet flying, but the stomach revolts....) 

Please, someone answer (or start a new discussion) and distract me from cleaning for Passover...



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