[DWJ] Word Mishaps

Colin Fine colin at fine.me.uk
Wed Jun 9 03:32:05 EDT 2010

Otter Perry wrote:
> On Jun 8, 2010, at 1:32 PM, Colin Fine wrote:
>> On which subject, how do people pronounce the name of Cosmo's
>> sister Pucci in "Making Money"? I've always made it Italian (Poochy)
>> but I've got a feeling I'm missing a joke.
> 'Poochy' is how I pronounce it, and, I may say, how Stephen Briggs
> pronounces it in the unabridged recording.
>>> The difference someone remarked upon about the way British
>>> and American English deal with four syllable words can be very
>>> striking as well. I had a small conniption fit over 'migratory'
>>> being pronounced mi-GRATE-er-y, but then I'm a birder and
>>> use the word a fair amount. But I'm used to it now.
>> An interesting case where we actually use a slightly different word
>> rather than just a different pronunciation is "acclimate" vs 
>> "acclimatise".
> I'm not sure who's who here.  I would accept either, possible in slightly
> different circumstances, but as an American I would spell it
> acclimatize.
In my experience, Americans only use "acclimate", which Brits don't 
understand on first hearing.


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