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hat depends on what sort of Australian accent you have. I'm Australian, and I 
ay "agen." 
y lifelong pronunciation error, which I only discovered when I was 17, is 
ethereal." For 
some reason I've always said "ETH-e-real" instead of "e-THE-real." And it took 
e forever
to work out how to say "bureau." 
The most distressing one was about a month ago when I discovered that Tintagel 
s actually 
pronounced with a soft "g." Not having ever heard it spoken before, I've been 
ronouncing it 
in my mind as "TIN-ta-gel" with a hard "g" for the whole of my life. I'm having 
rouble getting 
used to it!

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 My mother's American and my father is Australian, so I grew up trying
 to placate everyone - calling diapers/nappies "dappies" and spelling
 color/colour "coulour". But my sister and I did distance education so
 my mother would from time to time call up the school about a task we
 had to do to say that the English workbook was wrong, the only word to
 choose to rhyme with "rain" was "again" and they didn't sound alike!
 To which the teacher would patiently reply, "They do if you're
 Australian, Mary".
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