[DWJ] "Orthogonal" (orthogonally to T-shirt slogans)

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That depends on what sort of Australian accent you have. I'm Australian, and I say "agen." 
My lifelong pronunciation error, which I only discovered when I was 17, is "ethereal." For 

some reason I've always said "ETH-e-real" instead of "e-THE-real." And it took me forever

to work out how to say "bureau." 

The most distressing one was about a month ago when I discovered that Tintagel is actually 

pronounced with a soft "g." Not having ever heard it spoken before, I've been pronouncing it 

in my mind as "TIN-ta-gel" with a hard "g" for the whole of my life. I'm having trouble getting 

used to it!




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> My mother's American and my father is Australian, so I grew up trying
> to placate everyone - calling diapers/nappies "dappies" and spelling
> color/colour "coulour". But my sister and I did distance education so
> my mother would from time to time call up the school about a task we
> had to do to say that the English workbook was wrong, the only word to
> choose to rhyme with "rain" was "again" and they didn't sound alike!
> To which the teacher would patiently reply, "They do if you're
> Australian, Mary".
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