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> There's a Goethe State Forest near us in Florida - I have been told by a 
> lifelong Floridian that it is pronounced "Go-ee'-thee." Any more 
> pronunciations of Goethe out there?

The German one? :-) Hard to describe because of the umlaut, it's like Gerter (with an the "er" like in nerd, as a stand-in for the oe, and an the "rs" only to avoid the "e" sounding like eel... argh.)

When I first heard the - I think - usual English pronounciation, it took me a second to get it. Reminds me of the pun in Harry Potter I only understood bc someone on the list mentioned it. I read "Durmstrang" with an English pronounciation in my mind and never connected it to German words...

It's nice to hear stories of "word mishaps" happening to native speakers. Since I listen to audiobooks of English books I already read, I have disconvered quite some "new" words ;-). Also, I used to think for quite some time "mutual" meant "without words" - coming from mute... Not a pronounciation error, but I was also quite convinced of my version and surprised to find out the real meaning.

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