[DWJ] "Orthogonal" (orthogonally to T-shirt slogans)

Jameela Lares Jameela.Lares at usm.edu
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Alas, Jackie, I won't be there this year.  Long story, but mostly involving being very busy with two other opportunities.

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"Triblet" sounds like something you would do if someone gave you one of
those trick cups with a hole in the lip--only it had three holes, not
just one.

Anyone going to be at the ChLA conference in Ann Arbor this week?  I'm
leaving tomorrow and very much looking forward to it!


On Mon, 07 Jun 2010 10:32:14 -0500 Jenny Schwartzberg
<schwartzbergj at newberry.org> writes:
> I've loved this thread too because I love learning new words.
> Orthogonal and triblet are fun.  I may not adopt either word but I
> do
> like knowing them.  I use a lot of uncommon words myself since I
> read so
> much and use words from my reading that seem to be the perfect word
> for
> what I'm discussing.  Of course, that leads to mispronunciation and
> confusion since I don't know how they might be pronounced...  But I
> do
> enjoy these words!
> Yours,
> Jenny
> deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:
> > On Mon, 7 Jun 2010, Minnow wrote:
> >> I am starting to feel that peppering speech with technical terms
> from
> >> specialities is not unakin to the way that people used to put
> French
> >> words and phrases in to show how educated they were, and in
> written
> >> work to put the wretched things into italics as well; a fad that
> I
> >> hope is passing.
> >
> > The nature of language is that different people have different
> > vocabularies, and that will always be the case.
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