[DWJ] "Orthogonal" (orthogonally to T-shirt slogans)

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Mon Jun 7 11:42:46 EDT 2010

On Mon, 7 Jun 2010, Jenny Schwartzberg wrote:

> Of course, 
> that leads to mispronunciation and confusion since I don't know how they might 
> be pronounced...  But I do enjoy these words!

I am imagining a _Witch Week_ style debacle, of using words with
inadequate precision and suddenly getting a rain of shoes. Or
Osfameron, or...

Okay, just for fun, I went to look at the quote database
<http://suberic.net/cgi-bin/dwj/quotations/qu_gen.cgi>, to see
what I found, and wow:

"There's nothing magic about words," he said.  "They just do
things if you say them right.  Look, if I say 'Pass the bread,
please' -no thanks, I didn't mean it really- you give it to me."
[...] "But," said Gair, "if I just said nonsense, like- er-
gobbledygook or something, then you wouldn't give me the bread.
And it's the same with everything else.  You just have to say the
right words." 
--Power of Three

This book will prove the following ten facts:


10. It pays to increase your word power.
-- Archer's Goon

"_damn_ damn bitches!" 
--Marcus, A Sudden Wild Magic (saying "jam sandwiches)

For, as Paolo and Tonino Montana were told over and over again, a
spell is the right words delivered in the right way.
-- The Magicians of Caprona

"To drink--" 
"WOOORF - EEH!" Nick proclaimed.
"Yes, we want the biggest pot of coffee you've got," I explained
hastily.  "It's urgent.  His mind's working perfectly, you see,
he just can't see or speak properly until he's had at least four
cups of coffee."
--Deep Secret

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, given that my entire master's
thesis was about language and power in the works of  DWJ.


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