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Chris Dollin eh at electrichedgehog.net
Sun Jun 6 15:48:03 EDT 2010

On Sunday 06 June 2010, Helen Schinske wrote:
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> > And I've probably been using it since the early 1970s; one
> > influence was the Algol 68 Report (because they were dead keen
> > on the idea). But I did do maths, and eneral notions of orthogonality
> > pop up all over the place.
> Okay, "eneral" is a typo for general, right? 

(fx:sheepish) Yes.

> Not math(s) jargon? 

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if it were, but no, not
as far as I know.  (If it were it would probably be N-eral,
that is, eral for some value of N. The gods aren't telling
what eral is, though -- there are some secrets we are
not meant to know, mostly to do with the endings of
TV series').

Chris, one of.

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