[DWJ] T-shirt slogans

Tina liril at gmx.net
Fri Jun 4 12:26:42 EDT 2010

Charlie wrote:
> ... But perhaps that's expecting more common sense than the law
> allows for?
Yeah, common sense doesn't always seem to play a major role there ;-) 
(says the former lawyer)
But I think you hit a practical point: to sue someone, you have to find 
him first. And it would be hard to find the person doing a shirt just 
for his/herself (and not wearing it, say at a convention...), but easier 
to find someone doing it on a author-related-website.

To come back to - hypothetical - T-shirt slogans, last night I was 
flipping through my copy of the Tough Guide to fantasyland, and I shoud 
think there are many lovely quotes that would look good - with fitting 
logos etc. Of course, right now I can't think of one.
Ahh. Yes: What about this one for a wedding or  wedding-eve party - I'm 
quoting from memory: "Familiy bonds are more importan to Dragons. Their 
mothers'-in-law live longer - Ka'a Ort'oo" (I'm even less sure about 
spelling and the appropriate apostrophes here than in "mothers'-in-law"...)

Now I remember the great new edition of the Tough Guide Sharyn November 
showed in Brisol last year. I still want that...

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