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Sally Odgers sally at sallyodgers.com
Fri Jun 4 11:15:05 EDT 2010

I wonder at what point breach of copyright occurs in law? For instance, 
if I made a shirt saying "Now Here"...that is a quote from F&H, but 
also a potential quote from I dunnamenny other books. How identifiable 
would a quote have to be?
Say if someone wore a shirt with "Flax" on it.That would be a direct 
quote from one of my books, and  from many, many others.  If it said 
"Flax Lilykicker", then it would be "a million to one" (and I'm now 
quoting from the musical version of War of the Worlds" that it did 
refer to the character from "Flax the Feral Fairy".  Please note, I'm 
not asking this with the intention of breaking anyone's copyright. I'm 
just curious. 

Sally Odgers

On Fri, 4 Jun 2010 06:37:24 -0500, Farah Mendlesohn wrote:
> Your enthusiasm is laudable and I have had some lovely chortles over the
> slogans But! If someone goes ahead and makes these t-shirts and charges
> *even break even only costs* you will have breached Diana's copyright. 
> May I suggest that whoever is interested in doing this contacts Diana, asks
> permission and asks her if there is a charity they can donate a small profit
> to?
> cheers
> Farah
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