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Thanks! I couldn't imagine that it wouldn't be real, it being Diana, but I
just *could not* remember the  end of the book. Time to explore Amazon
marketplace and secure my own copy, I think!

Thanks again!


On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 8:05 PM, Helen Schinske <hschinske at aol.com> wrote:

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>> In Wilkins' Tooth, is the question of whether there is 'really' magic ever
>> settled definitively? This is one of the few DWJ books I've only read
>> once,
>> having borrowed it from a friend, and now I come to have need to mention
>> it
>> I find I'm a little unclear on some of the details. I remember that for
>> part
>> of the book at least, it seems as though the fact that Biddy is a witch is
>> just something that the children believe - but I can't remember what
>> happens
>> in the end!
> By the end, there is no question at all that the magic is real.
> Helen Schinske
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