[DWJ] Dragon history question

Katarina Hjärpe katarina.hjarpe at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 04:58:55 EDT 2010

> I was nodding my head in agreement when it struck me.  Wait, didn't the
> dragons
> steal all the treasure from humans in the first place?  Their claws do not
> seem
> made for smithy work.  So, if a "good" dragon reacts with moderation to
> 'its'
> treasure being stolen, maybe that is an ethical decision, or the reaction
> of an
> uneasy conscience, instead of an example of an un-uppity native...
> Esther

Hmm, interesting point. I suppose it depends on the story - I seem to recall
dragons who were deliberately put to guard treasures, and the hero just
happens to disagree with that decision. (In which case it would be a dragon
being killed by a human for following orders given by another human.) And in
the film The Apple War, the dragon just happens to live in a cave that's the
entrance of a gold mine, so that it's not even guarding a "treasure" as
such, but just a very valuable natural resource that just happens to be its
home. (And the guy who kills it is STILL the hero!)


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