[DWJ] Dragon history question

Katarina Hjärpe katarina.hjarpe at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 18:16:00 EDT 2010

> Is it worth distinguishing between "good" dragons and fluffy ones? A
>> good dragon is still essentially a _dragon_ - it's big and scary and
>> does things for its own reasons, and if you offend it you are likely to
>> end up as Barbecued Adventurer, but it works according to rules and
>> won't eat you if you are polite. A fluffy dragon is a dragon-shaped
>> magical pony, basically harmless, and thus has lost pretty much all its
>> draconic nature apart from the physical trappings.
You know, this comment made me wonder how much of "goodness" attributed to
fantastical creatures is really old colonialist assumptions - i.e a dragon
is considered good when it does what humans tell it and doesn't violently
object to having its treasure stolen. ("This place would be so peaceful if
rabble-rousing outsiders didn't stir up our "good" subjects, who'd never
mind being used and oppressed otherwise!")


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