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I'm sure there are some friendly dragons in the original Oz books. I'm a bit
rusty on my Oz lore. I think Dorothy and the Wizard have a conversation with
a couple of young dragonettes in  DOROTHY AND THE WIZARD IN OZ (1908) but
these would most certainly have eaten them if their mother had not tied
their tails together behind a stalagtite to keep them from getting in
mischief. Bless the internet, I can link directly to the chapter:

Then there's a friendlier dragon called Quox who serves as a dragon-carriage
in TIK-TOK OF OZ (1914): http://oz.wikia.com/wiki/Quox

Baum enjoyed playing the iconoclast: take his idea of good witches, in his
days this was almost a sacriligeous concept.


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> Philip said...
>> My question is, when did dragons in Western fantasy start to lose their
>> evil stereotype?

There's Kenneth Grahame's _The Reluctant Dragon_, too. And does anyone else
remember Cynon Beaton-Jones's _The Adventures of So Hi_?

Helen Schinske

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