[DWJ] HOMEWARD BOUNDERS translation question

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Wed Jul 7 05:41:46 EDT 2010

On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 10:58 PM, Charlie Butler
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> Talking of movable clubs, there are also the Sleepover Club books, set in
> Leicester, England, but more recently televised in a sunny Australian
> setting. Having said that, I think the very first episode of the series had
> one of the UK girls visiting and passing on the Sleepover Club flame to her
> Australian counterparts, which is a clumsy device but one I personally
> appreciated.
> As to whether this kind of transplantation is cool or not, I'm ambivalent,
> and splurged my ambivalence at length in another place not long ago:
> http://awfullybigblogadventure.blogspot.com/2009/10/divided-by-common-language-charlie.html
> .
> Charlie

Interesting to read your thoughts on the issue!  It's a funny topic to come
back to as an adult, because mainly I just remember my thoughts/dreams/or
something as a kid.  I don't think I was thinking from the point-of-view of
a French Canadian child who never read the originals; I think I had in my
mind some kind of sense of, *oh, if I could just learn French, there'd be
this whole bunch of extra books that are almost the same but slightly
different *(since the appeal of a series like the BSC is the formulaicness
anyway. . .).  It's sort of the same reason that I read and really enjoyed a
what-if-Harry-Potter-was-in-Slytherin fanfic last month - it's an
interesting fictional form to hit all of the major plot points of a story
your readers already know but change it slightly, and speculate on what
changes and what remains the same.  Which obviously is not what the
translators of the BSC books or (rather blatantly not) your domesticators
were doing, but I imagine it's the kind of exercise that I naively imagined
at ten ;-).


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