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Jackie E Stallcup jstallcup at juno.com
Tue Jul 6 19:39:24 EDT 2010

hi everyone,

I've just been rereading Edward Eager and enjoying him very much, again. 
I have a great full cast audio book of Half Magic, which always inspires
me to go back and reread the other books.  Perfect for summer.  Magic by
the Lake is one of the first books I can remember doing a book report on.
 I couldn't have been more than 7, and I particularly recall it because I
corrected the teacher:  I capitalized Roc the way that Eager does and the
teacher "corrected" it.  So I (probably very priggishly) took the book in
and _showed_ her that I was _right_. 

I was destined to be an academic, wasn't I?

Welcome to the list, newcomers!  Glad to have you here!


On Tue, 6 Jul 2010 23:01:35 +0000 Thomas Thurman <thomas at thurman.org.uk>
> Hello.  I've just joined the list, and I thought I'd introduce 
> myself.
> My name is Thomas, and I've been reading DWJ's works since I was 
> small. 
> I think I started with _The Ogre Downstairs_.  My favourite book 
> overall 
> is currently _Power of Three_, and my favourite scene is when 
> Christopher makes the roof come off in _TLOCC_, but that might 
> change by 
> tomorrow.  I'm currently in the middle of reading _House of Many 
> Ways_, 
> and enjoying it very much.  And now that I'm lucky enough to have a 
> daughter of my own I've been able to read DWJ's works to her as 
> well.
> I'm not sure what to say to introduce myself other than that.  I 
> live in 
> Philadelphia, a transplant from the original Cambridge.  I work as a 
> programmer, but I was asked the other day how I wanted to be 
> remembered 
> when I die, and I decided I'd like people to remember my poetry and 
> fantasy novels more than my programming.  (I did have a rule that I 
> never published anything, but after having one story privately 
> printed 
> for a friend's birthday, I was told off by several of its readers 
> for 
> this rule, and so I promised that I will at least try to find a 
> publisher for the novel I'm currently working on.)
> I mention this in order to add that my imagination is built upon 
> foundations supplied during my childhood in large part by E. Nesbit, 
> Edward Eager, and DWJ.  I was hoping that if I ever did get work 
> published, I should write to Ms Jones and thank her for being a 
> necessary part of the whole, but the recent news about her failing 
> health has made me wonder whether that will ever be possible.
> Thomas
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