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Deborah, did we meet when Guy was in Israel? I joined a lunch with Assaf
Asheri, Didi Hanoch, Rani Graff, and I'm pretty sure the woman who runs
Guy's website was there too... mediocre restaurant on top of the Azrieli

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Hello all,

I thought I should introduce myself, since I joined the list recently. I
thought it particularly apropos to say hello today, having read reading all
the messages, since I only found out about the list because of its mention
in Ansible, and also, being a Brit transplanted to Israel, I was delighted
to discover that DWJ is being translated into Hebrew!

I have been a huge fan of DWJ since I was probably around 7 or 8 - almost 30
years ago now. I think my first DWJ discovery was Witch Week. I faithfully
buy everything DWJ publishes - she is just wonderful. The only books of hers
I never got into were the Dalemark Quartet. And actually, although I thought
Homeward Bounders was a great book, it was so unbearably sad that I've only
been able to read it twice in my life. My favourites are Fire and Hemlock,
Deep Secret, Hexwood, and Archer's Goon.

I've been in Israel since 1996. For the past eight years I worked as
editorial director for Toby Press, an independent publishing house, editing
original English language fiction and fiction in translation - a dream job I
never thought I'd find in Israel. Unfortunately a couple of months ago the
list was cut severely and I was laid off - my boss decided to move in a
different - more profitable - direction - which is not fiction, but prayer
books and bibles etc. I'm probably going to start up as a freelance editor,
and already have a few projects on my plate.

In my volunteer life, I run the authorized website on Guy Gavriel Kay -
www.brightweavings.com - which I launched a decade ago now. Farah, you may
remember me - we met about 8 years ago when I was thinking of doing a phd in
fantasy. In the end, as it turned out, I went into editing fiction instead

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everyone - it seemed a bit sinister to
just be lurking and reading all your messages!


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