[DWJ] Ansible this week--t-shirts.

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Jul 6 09:53:01 EDT 2010

Farah Mendlesohn wrote:
> The initial conversation began when someone suggested it would be fun to
> > choose t-shirt slogans. It was only when someone suggested printing them in
> > bulk and selling them, that I pointed out that this might be a breach of
> > copyright, and I suggested that someone contact Diana for permission. This
> > was corroborated by Roger Burton West. Diana sent a message to the list
> > granting permission. (Farah Mendlesohn)

as I understand it for publication in Ansible.

I do have a slight worry about this; two, in fact.

One is that I honestly cannot remember anyone in fact suggesting that 
someone might create a t-shirt, make many-many of it, and sell them for 
profit: I have had a look and the closest I can find dated earlier than 
Farah's post about copyright is Otter mentioning that if t-shirts were 
to be made she would want a large one; have I lost a post somewhere?  
People might be offended by the suggestion that they were planning to 
profiteer, or something (well, people offend themselves about all sorts 
of things...)

The other is that Diana was giving cheerful permission for any one 
person to make *themselves* a shirt or two, but not I think for them to 
be sold on a large scale.  I would think she would want at least to see 
the design if possible before she waived copyright on a large scale.  So 
saying she gave permission might lead someone to think (wrongly) that 
she has given the bulk-selling idea the go-ahead.  (Her agent might be a 
little unhappy about that!)

She did say she would like to see photographs of the makers wearing the 
t-shirts, which seems to me to suggest one shirt one person. or at least 
not dozens on the open market, no?


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