[DWJ] Ansible this week--t-shirts.

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Jul 6 05:41:18 EDT 2010

Farah.sf wrote:
> Ansible is very well respected. Which is of course the problem.

The *real* problem is that Langford, like Diana, has a very 
well-developed, some would say excessively over-developed, sense of 
humour and hardly ever resists a mild leg-pull, which I suspect was what 
this was meant to be.  When he is combined with Diana, as I have seen 
happen in a bar once or twice, the result can be cheating at balloon 
tennis (don't ask me how) or the introduction of the word "stoat" into 
someone's vocabulary as something that will always make her 
involuntarily chew the rug with laughter (and was at the expense of 
someone else's slightly florid writing).

He is not likely to be fully aware either how well-respected and 
therefore taken with deadly seriousness Ansible is, or that people who 
read it may be po-faced and foolish and take as nastiness something that 
was when he and Diana came up with it an entirely light-hearted matter, 
not intended to harm anyone in any way.

If he realises he has hurt someone accidentally I am sure that no-one 
would be more distressed than he
at having caused hurt, and the more so because it was an accident.

Shall I beat him over the head for it, Farah?  I can if you want, but it 
is so pitiful when such a large man cowers in a corner and meeps about 
his misdeeds...


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