[DWJ] HOMEWARD BOUNDERS translation question

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I thought it was the same Ahasuerus in Esther and Daniel. In Daniel he's
described as a Mede and King of the Chaldeans, hence not a Jew either... and
it seems to me his name is given as a way of marking the year, he's not an
actual character in Daniel. There may be a midrash or legend about this of
which I am unaware but from my standpoint it still doesn't solve the
immediate confusion with Ahasuerus of Esther.

By the way, for what it's worth, neither were Esther or Mordechai Jewish
names at the time of the Purim story: both stem from the names of
Mesopotamian deities. So Ahasuerus could conceivably also have been adopted
as a Jewish name at some point.

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> Where we did make a minor substitution for culture's sake was with the
> of the Wandering Jew, Ahasuerus. Jewish children reading this name would
> inevitably tie it with the Persian King from the Purim story in Esther's
> Scroll, Ahasuerus (Xerxes), who was most definitely not Jewish.

It's *Ahasuerus *of *Daniel* 9:1 I believe who gets set wandering for not
believing God's warnings. Could be mistaken tho.

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