[DWJ] HOMEWARD BOUNDERS translation question

Chris Cooke cc at inf.ed.ac.uk
Tue Jul 6 04:40:25 EDT 2010

On 6 Jul 2010, at 09:15, Farah Mendlesohn wrote:

> The * is because I once heard a young girl--maybe 12, using "fuck" and
> "cunt" to her brother on a railway station platform. A woman walked  
> past her
> and said, "Jesus! Will you just shut up?" and the girl immediately  
> started
> berating her for "taking the Lord's name in vain".

That's a lovely story - and it reminds me very much of the culture gap  
between my and my partner's parents. Mine were raised as English  
middle class Anglicans and in the right circumstances they would utter  
the occasional "damn" or "Christ" if something went wrong - but to  
this day any mention of the f-word will make my 85 year old Dad react  
with horror, and he's quite unable to talk about sex.

My partner's parents on the other hand were Scottish working class,  
mixed Catholic and Presbyterian, and while they (and their children)  
would happily "fuck" and "cunt" and so on all day long as part of  
normal family conversation, and would freely use their sex lives as a  
suitable topic of conversation with their friends, they simply could  
not bring themselves to even think of uttering the word "hell". Under  
any circumstances. They'd be just as deeply shocked by that as my Dad  
is by some other words.

	-- Chris.

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